By Gerald Bustin, President of Evangelical Bible Mission, Inc.

I had a dream some time ago that seems like it can now come true. I was thinking about the huge influx of Hispanics to this country and the Democrats salivating over getting them as voters for their party. The fact is that many of the Hispanics come from either a Pentecostal or Catholic background with solid family values. Actually those values are contrary to those of the Democratic Platform but that fact is being covered up with lies and deceit.

(See Table One with 2014 statistics regarding the number and percentage of Hispanics in the top Hispanic populated States in the USA.)

These numbers have increased considerably since 2014 and it is clear to see that the Hispanic population in these and other states have the potential to swing elections if the Hispanic population vote in lock=step.

It is also a fact that the two major Spanish TV networks, “Telemundo” and “Univision,” are very liberal, leftist media and are used to deceive, indoctrinate and recruit the growing Hispanic population to vote a straight Democrat ticket. Something needs to be done to save America from the clear intentions of the “Open Border” liberals to load the voter rolls with deceived immigrants.

My dream was of starting a Radio/TV station that would be a Christian News Station in Spanish reaching out to the growing Hispanic population in America. The news would be given from a Biblical and Historical perspective helping the Hispanic population understand that what has made America Great and attractive to the world is that it was based on God and our God-given rights— rights that come from our Creator and not from men or government.

We need to help them understand that the American Democratic Party is actually the party of racism, slavery, Klu Klux Klan, and the party of perverted sexual behavior, homosexual marriage, and murder of babies. They need to understand that this is anti-God and is destroying America and the things that make America a place of refuge. If they join the democrats in destroying America they will end up making America worse than the countries they came from. They need to know that the democrat party has sold out to socialism and communism and are taking us backward to loss of freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

We need to have a Spanish version of “Rush Limbaugh” and “Sean Hannity” to champion freedom and free enterprise values and expose the lies the democrats are using to deceive and entice the Hispanics into their webs of social, economic and spiritual bondage.

Jesus declared that His mission was to bring freedom and set captives free. That would be the mission of this Radio/TV station. He also said the Truth would set men free. Of course He is the ultimate Truth and our purpose would be to Lift Him Up as the ultimate answer to the needs of America and our world. But we also want to counter and expose the lies that many are using to deceive even Christians.

Our format will be Teaching the truth— the truth about God and His Word, about our founding fathers and principles, about the free enterprise system and the truth about those who are intent on destroying this nation.

Now, God has brought to us a man with the gifts, ability and experience to make this dream become a reality, there is a huge possibility that it can become a reality very quickly— in time to help keep our Hispanic neighbors from being pawns in this next election.

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