Andros Island, The Bahamas

At the beginning of World War II, G.T. Bustin (founder of EBM) took his wife and four young children to begin a mission work in the Bahamas. This became the birthplace of what is today know as EBM International. During that trip Revival broke out after only a few days. Surprised at how quickly Revival came to that Island G,T, Bustin wondered what was going on until one night a lady stood up in the service. She then begin to say “Dis am de Man that the Lord showed me in a dream.” She went on to say God had shown her G.T. Bustin in a dream almost 34 years before. Two years before he was even born and told her G.T. would be coming to that Island some day. She had prayed for him and for revival for The Bahamas for all those years.

The Bustin Family lived on Andros and both Paul and Gerald Bustin (President of EBM) where born in The Bahamas. That Revival in The Bahamas helped to spark many Ministries around the world including the late Miles Munroe who attributed the start of his Ministry to G.T. Bustin and that Revival in The Bahamas.

Today EBM Missionaries, the Bryants are working on that same Island and helping children with after school programs, kids clubs and bring the love of Jesus to those who are hurting.

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