In the Southern Highlands seen here became the home of more than 300 students right out of the jungle. Over time, thousands of children were given a good education and learned to know Jesus through the ministries of EBM misssionaries.
Lenita Bustin spent 39 years teaching at Kauapena until she died in 1997 and was buried there.
Among the children Lenita taught in just one class (the class of 1963) her students went on to become:

  • The Chairman of PNG Bible Church
  • New GuineaThe Governor General (head of state) of Papua New Guinea
  • A PNG Ambassador to The United States
  • PNG’s First Missionary to Nigeria
  • Four Members of National Parliament
  • Eleven Teachers
  • One University lecturer
  • Four Nurses
    One Certified Public Accountant
  • One Major in PNG Defense Force
    Five Preachers
  • One President of A Teacher’s College who personally taught over 2,000 teachers who are presently teaching in the schools of Papua New Guinea.

    New Guinea Mission

    Back Row: Winston Wehrman, Gerald Bustin, Joanna (Bustin) Wehrman, Lenita Bustin, Claudine (Bustin) Chamberlin, Victor Chamberlin, Joan and Paul Bustin

  • One Auto Mechanic
  • One Carpenter
  • One Airline Stewart
    Several wives of national leaders
  • Five of G.T. Bustin’s children became missionaries to New Guinea and together with their spouses gave a combined 200 years of service in that country.
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