Pastor Gerald Bustin’s trip to Cameroon was a huge success. He had a wonderful time with the orphaned children and his Missionary team.

Learn more about his trip in the video below. If you want to help these children, please donate!


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Christian Education

Although Limbe boasts numerous schools, our contacts with children in Sunday School and Good News Clubs had shown us that these children were unable to read even first grade material. This fact, along with low morale living among the youth and older adults, and corruption everywhere, impressed upon us the need for teaching young children. The burden continued to grow.

Chamberlin_and_kids2Victor and Claudine Chamberlin have served over 30 years in Haiti, Papua New Guinea, The Gambia, and Cameroon, providing administrative direction for leadership.

Their work has involved pioneering, establishing schools, doing extensive building, as well as initiating and establishing numerous self-help programs which have contributed to making the work self-supporting. Nonetheless they are merely tools to be used in the Master’s Hands, for it is, “not by might nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord.”

School Timeline

  • September 1999: School is launched with five children on our veranda. Victor and “his boys” added walls, floor, doors, and windows to the 20 X 30 shed. News spread quickly that children were learning to read. Within four weeks attendance had grown to 50! Many had to be turned away.
  • Year 2000: A second structure (27 X 56 two classrooms) was built. Attendance grew to 120!
  • Year 2001: A third building (30 X 85). Enrollment now, 240! Many more turned away. We must, for now, use half of this space for church services.
  • Year 2002: A three-story (38 X 43) construction began. Enrolment 240!
  • Year 2004: Construction of a three-story building completed. Enrollment 300!

Christian Curriculum

  • The Gospel is proclaimed daily
  • Besides teaching the three “Rs” we endeavor to instill Christian character by stressing the SWEET BEES: Be Kind, Be loving, Be obedient, Be gentle, Be honest. (we concentrate on 60 of these Bees!)
  • Lunch is provided every school day by the gifts of caring supporters.
  • Children are learning to pray.
  • They practice and memorize many scriptures.
  • “Little Harvesters” are being produced. Some children form teams and go witnessing about the communities. They also witness to their parents. WHAT POTENTIALS!!!

You Can Help Us Make A Difference .

Reach the hurting, needy people of Cameroon with God’s Love by:

  • Providing funds for the Hill-top church and Learning Center Building
  • Helping equip classrooms with desks, cupboards, computers, and microscopes.
  • Providing school books and supplies
  • Making school lunches a continued possibility
  • Giving funds for mini self-help projects for youth and for AIDS widows
  • Funding for shipment of Bibles, tracts, Christian literature and school supplies
  • Providing scholarships for needy, worthy school children

Every year we have to turn away many children due to lack of funds, lack of space, lack of teachers.

Cameroon School

Cameroon School Children eating at EBM School



EBM’s School is helping 300 children find God’s Purpose for their lives


PayPal Donation
Mailing Address
Street Address
Apt./Building/Suite #

The slide show below shows the construction progress of the Christian High School in Cameroon. EBM International, missionaries and your generous donations make this all possible.

Across the years many lives have been transformed including the children in this video.

They are grown now and finding out the possibilities God put into them.

A beautiful graduation ceremony was held by Mom Chamberlin in our school in Cameroon!  Happy children are thrilled to learn!

Below are some photos from the graduation ceremony in Cameroon.

Cameroon Graduation

Mom Chamberlin greeting the parents of the graduating class. Thanking them for entrusting their children in our care.

Special Guests at the Graduation

Special guests are asked to sit at the “High Table”

Prayer at the Graduation

Pray with us that our graduating class of 6th graders will have the privilege of being 7th graders in our new Secondary School.

Cameroon Graduates

Two of the Graduates.

Happy Students in Cameroon

The uplifted face and sparkling eyes, speaks volumes!

Graduation Gifts

Buckets , basins, plates… all make good prizes. Mothers appreciate these.


Home! After 28 hours of flying and waiting in airports and fighting sleep in hard chairs waiting for the next flight, I made it home safely to Orlando, where Roana met me and drove me the rest of the way home. Altogether from Mission House in Limbe,Cameroon to Home in Summerfield, Florida was 37 hours on the way. (Now that I figured that out, it’s no wonder I was feeling tired when I got home last night!) It was after 11 p.m. when I finally got to sleep last night, and I opened my eyes at 4:30 this a.m. because it was already 9:30 a.m. In Cameroon— my new time of reference for my internal clock. Of all my previous trips to Africa, I think this one was my best and most enjoyable! It is wonderful to see how God is working with the team in Cameroon.

Please continue to pray for Our Orphans in Cameroon Pastor Bustin is having to leave today but we are still feeding them on a daily bases and continue to pray for the team that is staying on to care for them. Pastor Bustin will be giving us an update when he gets back. Also if you would like to be part of helping to feed & care for the Orphans you can donate here.

Today contains both the bitter and the sweet. It is sweet to be heading home to my wife, daughter, grandson, EBM staff and Church family. Coming home is always a blessing and something to look forward to and cherish. But it is bitter to have to leave some very good friends and my dear sister. I have enjoyed meeting the EBM American Team who are here with us. We have shared some good times and enjoyed some good meals. As an old “iron-gut” missionary it has been fun watching first-timers to Africa try new African dishes and make an effort to enjoy the new tastes as much as possible. (I wish I had a video of us all sitting around the table peeling sugar cane with our teeth and working through the pulp to get the sweet juice.) It has been wonderful to see the servant’s heart demonstrated by the group. It has been a great blessing to get better acquainted with our EBM Cameroon leadership team. We are blessed to have dedicated men and women of integrity working to move the work forward. The work here is a great living tribute to Victor and Claudine Chamberlin who have dedicated the last 20 years in service and also a living memorial to the many supporters who have given generously to fund the operations. Thank you all for your friendship, your loyalty to the Kingdom of God and your commitment to see lives touched and transformed by the Grace of God. Adios, Good Bye, and God Bless!

Your support enables EBM to build schools and transform lives.! Thank You!!


WOW turned upside down becomes MOM. We had a wow of a Mom’s day here in Limbe, Cameroon. The ladies were in charge of the program up until they called me to preach, which call came about 11:45 a.m. The program consisted of worship,special songs, responsive reading, and a drama showing the believer’s authority over the devil. When they turned the service over to me, I used a power-point presentation to ask them to join me in honoring a special MOM there—Claudine Chamberlin who is 87 and has dedicated the last 20 years to serving the children and people of Cameroon. The way I asked them to honor her was by giving an offering to help build the Christian High School. I have not had so much “Fun” in a long time raising the donations. One of the first to give was a young lady who has been saving her money for a long time to buy a computer. She had 130,000 francs saved was in the process of buying the computer but came and gave the whole 130,000 francs in the offering! That cleared the way for several to give in the 100,000 bracket, which is about $200. in US dollars. Our goal had been to reach one million francs or about $2,000. It was not long until we passed that goal and kept on going! Shouts of Hallelujah and Amen filled the church as people kept giving. Even young people and little children came forward to make their pledges. By the time it was over, donations and pledges from all sources, including those given by Face Book Friends, and matching funds from a friend took the total to 3,210,000 or Three Million, Two Hundred and ten thousand francs— well over usd$6,400.00!!! It was by far the greatest offering ever raised here and the people were so happy to see what God could help them do! Claudine was wiping tears of joy and the out-pouring of love in such a powerful way. Here is a good place to shout, HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!! Amen!

Lura May Bustin Christian Academy

Tomorrow, here in Cameroon, West Africa, I plan to ask the Cameroon people to give sacrificially to raise money to build a Christian High School for their children. I have K200 with me that I plan to put in the offering as a gift from PNG towards the high school building. I am wondering if some of my PNG Friends in PNG or Australia or New Zealand, or the USA, would like to join in making a pledge to help with this offering. If you would like to give, write a comment below this post and let me know how much you will pledge. I will let you know how to get the money to me later. Your pledge will be a huge encouragement to these people if they know that even people from PNG are helping with this offering. I will tell them the results of this post tomorrow when I raise the offering here.

Please Help Support These Children