Andros Island, The Bahamas

At the beginning of World War II, G.T. Bustin (founder of EBM) took his wife and four young children to begin a mission work in the Bahamas. This became the birthplace of what is today know as EBM International. During that trip Revival broke out after only a few days. Surprised at how quickly Revival came to that Island G,T, Bustin wondered what was going on until one night a lady stood up in the service. She then begin to say “Dis am de Man that the Lord showed me in a dream.” She went on to say God had shown her G.T. Bustin in a dream almost 34 years before. Two years before he was even born and told her G.T. would be coming to that Island some day. She had prayed for him and for revival for The Bahamas for all those years.


The Bustin Family lived on Andros and both Paul and Gerald Bustin (President of EBM) where born in The Bahamas. That Revival in The Bahamas helped to spark many Ministries around the world including the late Miles Munroe who attributed the start of his Ministry to G.T. Bustin and that Revival in The Bahamas.


Today EBM Missionaries, the Bryants are working on that same Island and helping children with after school programs, kids clubs and bring the love of Jesus to those who are hurting.

If you are interested in helping out in The Bahamas or going on a short term Missions trip please Email Us or call (352) 245-2560 for more information.

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December 2015

Christmas Greetings to Each and Every One! As global tensions mount and morality declines, we rejoice as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ., the only eternal, unchangeable truth, way, and life for mankind.

This year, we are spending Christmas here in Red Bays, but our hearts and prayers and thoughts will also be with each of you! There’s been all sorts of seasonal events, from Santa’s debut at the B.A. Newton Primary School to Christmas Lights at Renewal Bible Church; then a spectacular Christmas Story presentation at Adventure Learning Center in Nassau, where we spent a few days resting and fellowshipping. Thursday the 17th, Santa will be back in Red Bays for a photo shoot, as many kids missed visiting with him at the school.

These last few months have been challenging for us on every front, to say the least! The Lord encourages us to learn to cling to Him ever the tighter and trust His direction of every circumstance touching us. Every day we ask that we be able to praise Him with our words, our attitudes, our faces. The house in Maine is empty, progress renovating the shop is much slower than expected, the car needed new brakes (done) and shocks (not done). And of course finances march to a beat of their own!!!

As the year draws to a close, many of us will pause and remind ourselves of all the blessings the Lord has given us this year. We are so thankful for our many blessings, such as being able to fill the gas tank for $40 every two weeks, (NOT $200); for the abundance and variety of foods grown here; for great health, and Dave’s A1C dropping steadily; for continual contacts with kids and adults alike every day; for space and technology to do homework; for academic interest and progress on all fronts. There are three girls already enrolled in college courses, and another working on such; a 12th grader is scheduled to take her SAT in Nassau. (This is a BIG deal–pray for her!) We are thankful every day for God’s amazing grace to us and His Holy Spirit in us; and for you, our family and friends who love, pray for, and support us faithfully. We so appreciate all the friends and “family” here in the Bahamas who encourage us, bring us food, open their homes, repair our machines, entertain us, and make us laugh. Most of all, they hug us, love us, and help us along our life’s path.

Just to let you know upcoming plans: a construction team will be here starting January 9 for a week to help with renovations; our youngest daughter and family will spend a week beginning the 30th; another construction team is expected to come in March. Each of these visits give us–and Red Bays–a tremendous boost, and we are excited they’re coming. Btw, if any of you want a mini-vacation in a quiet little settlement with lots of warm sunshine and white-sand beaches nearby, contact us! We love sharing our world with everyone. Conversely, if you have prayer needs you want to share, let us know. We are here to help!

May each of you have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Love and hugs,

Dave and Sue




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September 2015

Welcome to Red Bays!   After a fast and furious summer in the States, we are back on Andros and trying to get ourselves back into the usual routine while fighting the hot and humid days.

We arrived to discover that all the people we worked so hard to get ready for Passports were still waiting for the Mobile Team from the Nassau office to come to Andros, and more requests from other Red Bayans to continue working to secure all their legal documents needed so they, too, can be ready when the Team arrives.

Through a series of events and a generous Christian couple from Maine, God provided a 2005 Chevy Silverado which we brought back (by request) to pay off the balance due on the building that we are purchasing.  When the truck arrived, the man requesting it didn’t have the money to pay for its shipping and customs duties.  Yes, we had to do some scrambling to find money to pay those bills as there was a crucial time frame per Customs to claim it. At present, we are waiting for him to come repay us those fees and sign off on the building.  In the meantime, that put a hold on purchasing a vehicle of our own.  Please pray that this will be resolved soon.

I just wanted to introduce this wonderful couple to you because Elder Robert Evans and his wife, Rose, are our local Church Sponsors for us to remain on Andros as Missionaries.  They are a wonderful, dedicated, loving couple, who believe as we do, and are supporting us in every way they can to keep this ministry moving for the Lord.

Despite the heat and humidity, within hours of arriving we had several requests for cookies, and so I got right to work to get some batches in the oven.  Seems like some of them were suffering withdrawal while we were gone!

 One of our construction teams is expected to come in January to help with the renovations, and a second group is trying to put together a trip for March.  Getting this building renovated and completely operational looks to be a monumental task and I expect it will be a year or more before all is completed.  I have been working to clear out the main area of the building so that we can fix it up, get electricity installed as well as a bathroom, and then be able to start Bible Clubs again.  It has been over a year now since we had clubs and we don’t want our Red Bays children to forget or lose out on the opportunity for spiritual growth in the biblical values we’ve been trying to instill in them. Once we get the building in shape, we will also be ready to begin Sunday services.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins everywhere!   We returned to find our farm overrun with pumpkins.  Pumpkin vines climbing over everything else that we had set out: pineapples,banana trees, coconuts, and sweet potato vines…anything and everything! Happily, Sue has been bringing home a great variety of sizes and colors of pumpkins as a result, which will be cut up and shared around town or made into cookies or dried and made into “flour”.  Guess we will have to do something to keep them contained on the next round.  Our boys did the best they could while we were gone to keep the weeds in check, and we rewarded them as promised when we got here.

(As of yet, we have not had our land surveyed, but I will be checking on that in the next few days.)

Our house in Maine has not sold as of the writing of this letter.  At the realtor’s recommendation, we  just signed the paperwork to lower the price by $5000, making it more compatible with other Sumner homes on the market.  Please pray with us about this as we prefer not to rent again, nor to have someone burdened with watching it during the winter months either. Plus, it represents a financial burden on our shoulders!

Since we returned to Red Bays, God has been re-emphasizing the importance of “Being Dead” to the Self and allowing Him to live through us.  I am the first one to admit that I have trouble with this.  I’m often saying, “Just let me work this out in my own way”, but that is not God’s way.  Learning to just DO what He says and let Him do the Driving is an area that I need to constantly work on. (Just sharing this with any of you who might have difficulty in this area too.  We need to pray for one another so that we can see God honored in our lives.

Our prayer for you is that we all watch and prepare to be caught up to meet Jesus in the clouds soon–what a reunion that will be! Everywhere we travel, those who know and love Him are saying the same thing–there’s expectancy and excitement in the midst of increasing darkness and struggles. Only the Lord knows if there will be opportunity to fellowship with you one way or another before that great event.

Keep praying for Red Bays and Andros Island in the Bahamas, that lives would be changed forever by coming to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and for us as we serve Him here. We love you!

In His service,

Dave and Sue


Email:; (Sue)
Phone: (MJ) 1.207.956.8164; (cell) 813.713.6224.(USA)
Mission Address: EBM International/ P.O. Box 189/ Summerfield, FL 34491.
U.S.A. Mail: P.O. Box 254/ Buckfield, ME 04220

“Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh.” Mt. 24:44. “Watch therefore…” 25:13a

Greetings, everyone, from the beautiful hills of Maine! We’re in the States for a couple of months, catching up with family, friends, churches, doctor appointments, and purchasing supplies. (Many of our Red Bays families wait to buy their school supplies from us because we can get them so much cheaper here, even with duties and taxes and all.) Lots to do, and so little time…From Nassau we flew to NH to spend a few days with our youngest daughter and her family, relaxing, yard saling, and transitioning. It’s been wonderful to see these beautiful mountains, and feel the cool air–yes, I am still wearing a sweater!

When we left Red Bays, there were somewhere around fifty residents whose legal documents had been procured, copied, and filed in preparation for the Passport Office which is supposed to be coming to Andros this summer. The Bahamian government passed rulings requiring everyone to have passports as citizenship identifiers, since there are so many illegal immigrants in the Islands, and most Red Bays people have neither time, knowhow, nor the finances to pursue all the pieces necessary, so Dave took the project on. It turned out to be a huge commitment, but opened doors on many levels from government and medical offices in Nassau on down, and saved many of our families hundreds of dollars.

Our little Sunday afternoon Bible Study group continued to slowly grow, filling the living room/learning center. Several high school graduates are already enrolled in either the College of the Bahamas or the Bahamas Agricultural and Marine Science Institute, recently established in central Andros and growing. We’re excited to hear all the positive feedback from educational and governmental officials about the impact this ministry is having on the local families–the Lord gets all the glory; we are simply grateful to watch Him at work! Also, Amanda had a great year at college here in Maine, and even though she struggled in Algebra, she was determined to work hard! She is adapting well to life in Maine, and excited to see what this next year produces.

As noted in the last letter, we had planned to bring a couple kids with us to Maine, but the passport process turned out to be much longer than anticipated, and they can’t travel until that vital document is in hand. Several of you have expressed interest in having them visit you, but it appears that’ll have to wait until next summer.

On one of his trips to Nassau, Dave went to the Land Management office, and got an application for the 2-3 acres the little shop is on. He learned on another trip that we had been approved for the “Granting” process, which means that sometime this summer the land will be inspected and surveyed. That’s exciting! Also, since we owe $5500 on the building, its owner asked us if we could find him a Chevy/GMC v6 automatic pickup instead. Once we put it on the boat in Miami, he’ll take over the fees. We have no idea where THAT pickup is, but the Lord does, and we realized that we could drive it from North to South, gathering supplies and making numerous stops. (We are driving a “lent” Ford while here in New England.)

One of the fun events this spring was a short visit from two of our “adopted” grandkids, Kim and Kyle, who decided to celebrate their anniversary getting sunburned at the beach instead of shoveling snow. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing Andros with them!

Speaking of sharing, I used my camera a lot this year, doing passport photos, recording island events such as the Agricultural Trade Show, and advertising some of our Master Carver’s projects for him. Two months ago, the camera images suddenly turned black, so when we came to NH, I had it evaluated, and sent it to MA for repairs. Pray that either it’s not a major repair($), or that I find a capable replacement!

While in Maine this summer, we are putting our house on the market, as it is no longer being rented, and has become a financial burden to us. We have no plans to live there again, and do not have the resources to make mortgage payments. We are working with a great realtor, who is also a Christian friend, and we are praying that the Lord put the people and pieces in place that fit His plan. We are so thankful that the Lord puts our obstacles and trials in perspective! (Proverbs 3:5&6)

Looking ahead: The storage shop needs to be renovated, a septic system and bathroom installed, electricity and water hooked up, and equipment put in place for both Bible Clubs and a Learning Center–our little living room is too cramped for the use it is getting! All that requires money for materials as well as labor, so we are asking for volunteers to help with the project.

Even though the Red Bays big van has been a help to taking people to get tops, get to school, and gather wood for their cooking fires, running, fueling, and repairing the same has been quite costly, and we started asking the Lord if selling it and finding a small pickup somewhere in the Islands might be wiser economically. “Papa George”, our landlord and talented anything-mechanic, was working on it when we left, and we’ve since heard there is someone interested in buying it. We just want selling it to be a God-thing, not an us-thing.

In the few weeks before we left, since the land around the storage shop is both arable and deeply disked, after burning piles of vines and weeds, we worked hard to transplant all sorts of fruit trees, coconut trees, herbs, vegetables, and even grape and kiwi vines. We hired three teen boys to keep it weeded–the grass’ll grow 8-10’ high, and the sheep vines are awful–they’re sending us pictures to show their diligence. They’ve asked for specific items rather than pay, so we are hoping to find them.

Thanks, those of you who have our backs in prayer–it has been a difficult year, and we are fully aware that being God’s Kids also makes us enemies to the Wicked One. We are so glad that our King is in full control and only allows in our path what He deems necessary to kill the flesh/self, mature us, and make us more like Jesus. Thank you for your financial support, too–that puts you in line to be blessed, you know! Thank you for donating supplies, needs, wants, and things we hadn’t thought to pray for yet! Each of you are a gift to us!

We pray that we all watch and prepare to be caught up to meet Jesus in the clouds soon–what a reunion that will be! Everywhere we travel, those who know and love Him are saying the same thing–there’s expectancy and excitement in the midst of increasing darkness and struggles. Lord willing, we hope to have opportunity to fellowship with you one way or another before that great event.

Keep praying for Red Bays and Andros Island in the Bahamas, that lives would be changed forever by coming to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and for us as we serve Him there. We love you!

In His service,

Dave and Sue

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