Today contains both the bitter and the sweet. It is sweet to be heading home to my wife, daughter, grandson, EBM staff and Church family. Coming home is always a blessing and something to look forward to and cherish. But it is bitter to have to leave some very good friends and my dear sister. I have enjoyed meeting the EBM American Team who are here with us. We have shared some good times and enjoyed some good meals. As an old “iron-gut” missionary it has been fun watching first-timers to Africa try new African dishes and make an effort to enjoy the new tastes as much as possible. (I wish I had a video of us all sitting around the table peeling sugar cane with our teeth and working through the pulp to get the sweet juice.) It has been wonderful to see the servant’s heart demonstrated by the group. It has been a great blessing to get better acquainted with our EBM Cameroon leadership team. We are blessed to have dedicated men and women of integrity working to move the work forward. The work here is a great living tribute to Victor and Claudine Chamberlin who have dedicated the last 20 years in service and also a living memorial to the many supporters who have given generously to fund the operations. Thank you all for your friendship, your loyalty to the Kingdom of God and your commitment to see lives touched and transformed by the Grace of God. Adios, Good Bye, and God Bless!

Your support enables EBM to build schools and transform lives.! Thank You!!


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