Papua New Guinea – 70th Anniversary Evangelistic Crusade
Papua New Guinea – 70th Anniversary Evangelistic Crusade

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Can you help?

The Apostle Paul wrote that “a great door and effectual was opened to him but there were many adversaries.

I could write the same thing! This year we are faced with the opportunity of touching a whole nation of 8,000,000 (eight million) people— the nation of Papua New Guinea. The national media has already been contacted and are on board to help us spread the word.

You see, on August 24th will make exactly 70 years since my father, G.T.Bustin landed in the “Stone-age” country—New Guinea— for the purpose of reaching wild tribes with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Seventy years ago, he planted a ministry that has literally been the “Salt and Light” to the nation. Over 600 churches have been planted and thousands of children and young people have been given a chance for an education that included coming to know Jesus. Many of them have become spiritual and government leaders of the nation.

Now we have the opportunity to build on those 70 years by some major nation-wide 70th Anniversary celebrations involving evangelistic campaigns in major cities and towns backed up by radio and television and national newspapers.
Already crews in various locations are organizing and planning these crusades. A message I received from Gideon today says they are planning on starting off with services under a large tent at the very exact place where my father first made contact with the wild warriors.

Gideon’s father’s name was Kandulopi. Kandulopi was a young man standing with his father in the line of warriors ready with their spears and bows and arrows and stone axes when my father approached the group with his arms wide open to give them a hug of friendship.

This strange white man then told them about the God who loves them and sent His own Son to come to show us a way to God. The people excitedly received the missionary and Kandulopi became one of the first converts — then went on to become a native pastor who preached the Gospel to his people for more than 40 years!

Now his son, Gideon, is our National EBM Leader in Papua New Guinea and he wrote that they are planning on a drama that re-enacts the moment of first contact with the missionary—the first white man they had ever seen. This will be video taped and eventually made available for people all over the nation to see.

We are looking at possibly as many as 7 different gospel crusades in strategic villages and some of the major cities of the country. Thousands will be preached to in person and millions will hear about it on the major national media.

Do I dare say that maybe the open door we are faced with is even greater than the one the Apostle Paul wrote about? It could be because Papua New Guinea is also connected by land and sea to Indonesia, which is the largest Muslim-majority nation in the world with 240 million people.

And we are already involved in sending national missionaries from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia and this should only be escalated by these crusades when young Christian men and women are challenged to become young “G.T.Bustins” and pioneer mission works deep into the heart of this huge Muslim country! Talk about an “Huge Open Door”!!!
What about “adversaries?” Well there are those too!

We are running out of time to get all the plans put together. Tentative plans are for our team to leave on August 20th so we will be in Papua New Guinea to begin celebrations on the exact day that my father arrived (August 24th) seventy years ago. We need to book our flights and buy our tickets right away.

Another “adversary” is the need for funding for these crusades. Christians in Papua New Guinea are raising money to assist but we also must help carry the load of the expenses involved. Besides buying tickets for our airfare to and from Papua New Guinea, we must cover the costs of internal travel and accommodation within the country. We also need to help pay for the rental of the large gospel tents, powerful sound systems and forums for the events.

Altogether we need to raise $35,000 immediately to move forward with our plans to impact the nation of Papua New Guinea during these 70th anniversary celebrations.

In the past I have preached for crusades ranging in attendance from several hundreds to 25,000 people. We have had thousands come forward to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. We have also had hundreds come forward to offer themselves to go as missionaries.

I believe these events we are planning for the 70th anniversary will go beyond anything we have experienced before, and I need you to be partner with us in walking through these open doors.

“Adventuring With God In The Wilds Of New Guinea.”
“Adventuring With God In The Wilds Of New Guinea.”
  • We need you to pray. Pray for the funds to come in quickly. Pray for safety in traveling. Pray for a powerful anointing to be on the preachers.
  • We need you to give. Give according to what God puts on your heart.
  • We need you to be an “Ambassador of goodwill” to help us share this urgent call with others who are able to respond.

We are standing in faith for a major miracle to help us launch these crusades.

For every donation, we will send you a PDF copy of my Father’s first book about going into New Guinea— “Adventuring With God In The Wilds Of New Guinea.

Thank You in advance for your generous response.

Gerald Bustin


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