WOW turned upside down becomes MOM. We had a wow of a Mom’s day here in Limbe, Cameroon. The ladies were in charge of the program up until they called me to preach, which call came about 11:45 a.m. The program consisted of worship,special songs, responsive reading, and a drama showing the believer’s authority over the devil. When they turned the service over to me, I used a power-point presentation to ask them to join me in honoring a special MOM there—Claudine Chamberlin who is 87 and has dedicated the last 20 years to serving the children and people of Cameroon. The way I asked them to honor her was by giving an offering to help build the Christian High School. I have not had so much “Fun” in a long time raising the donations. One of the first to give was a young lady who has been saving her money for a long time to buy a computer. She had 130,000 francs saved was in the process of buying the computer but came and gave the whole 130,000 francs in the offering! That cleared the way for several to give in the 100,000 bracket, which is about $200. in US dollars. Our goal had been to reach one million francs or about $2,000. It was not long until we passed that goal and kept on going! Shouts of Hallelujah and Amen filled the church as people kept giving. Even young people and little children came forward to make their pledges. By the time it was over, donations and pledges from all sources, including those given by Face Book Friends, and matching funds from a friend took the total to 3,210,000 or Three Million, Two Hundred and ten thousand francs— well over usd$6,400.00!!! It was by far the greatest offering ever raised here and the people were so happy to see what God could help them do! Claudine was wiping tears of joy and the out-pouring of love in such a powerful way. Here is a good place to shout, HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!! Amen!

Lura May Bustin Christian Academy

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