New Guinea

In 1974 EBM missionaries began to work closely with national leaders to help incorporate a national church under national leadership. The Church was named, Papua New Guinea Bible Church.In 1980 EBM and PNG Bible Church began a strong effort to plant churches throughout all the cities and major towns of Papua New Guinea. These successful efforts have resulted in the growth of the church to over 500 local churches, 15 Christian schools, and two Bible Colleges.

In the 1990’s a license to establish a Christian Radio Station was granted by the Fiji Government to Evangelical Bible Mission. For the last three years this radio station has been in operation broadcasting the Gospel twenty-four hours every day.

In the late 1990’s the Papua New Guinea Bible Church began a church planting effort across the border into Irian Jaya (Indonesia). Applications have been made to register the Bible Church of Indonesia and expand the efforts that have been made in that country.

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