From Pastor Bustin:

On April 27th I am scheduled to depart for Cameroon along with my Sister, Claudine Chamberlin, and 3 others who are going on a short-term missions trip with us. Claudine is 87 years old and is committed to the work in Cameroon which includes 300 school children plus orphans as well as an outreach into a new village. Her husband, Victor is 85 and does not feel well enough to make the trip. This is not a vacation or tourist, sigh seeing trip. We will be preaching, teaching, and sharing God’s love with young and old alike. We will also be looking for ways to complete and solidify the work the Chamberlins have been doing in Cameroon over the past 20 years. Please join in praying for this missions trip. If you would like to help support this trip and help fund the completion of the High School Building, please click here to donate. Also, you can follow along with pictures and reports of the trip by watching here on this FB page and also on the EBM International face book page.

Follow the progress leading up to and during Pastor Bustin’s trip to Cameroon. We will attempt to post everyday so everyone can see God working through Pastor Bustin and his team of Missionaries.

Cameroon Mission Trip

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