EBM “Firsts”

  • EBM was the first to start a Christian Radio Station in the north part of Haiti.(1949)
  • EBM was first to Pioneer a mission station in the in the Pabarabuk area of the Highlands of New Guinea. (1948)
  • EBM was first to take the gospel into the Wiru valley in the Southern Highlands of New Guinea.(1960)
  • EBM was first to get a Christian Radio Station license in the South Pacific island nation of Fiji (1997).
  • EBM was one of the first to start a Bible College in Ukraine after the fall of the “Iron Curtain” (1992)
  • EBM President, Gerald Bustin and his wife were among the first to cross over into East Berlin after Check Point Charlie was removed.(1989)
  • EBM was the first to start an Evangelical Bible College in the Kasoa Village of Ghana (1989)
  • EBM was the first to start a network of Christian Radio Stations in Papua New Guinea (2002)