War On Aids

The subject of HIV/AIDS is widely discussed around the globe. While the subject has been known for 20 years, the statistics are still staggering.

According to the statistics released by UNAIDS 2003, “40 million people are estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS. Of these, 37.1 million are adults, 18.5 million are children under 15.”

The continent of Africa has borne the brunt of AIDS epidemics more than any other continent with over 28 million people living with HIV/AIDS.


War On Aids

War on AIDS is a faith-based preventive and care program designed to campaign against HIV/AIDS and the use of illegal drugs. Care is provided in the form of counseling, and medical assistance to those already infected and affected.

THE PURPOSE of War on AIDS program is to educate and care for children and young adults to grow healthy and live responsible lives.

THE VISION for War on AIDS is two-fold:

  1. To educate young people to say “no” to the use of illegal drugs and illicit sex, and to make healthy choices for living.
  2. To provide care for those already infected with HIV/AIDS in the form of counseling, and medical assistance.


  1. To establish a War on AIDS Center for on going education and care for those already infected and affected.
  2. To distribute HIV/AIDS educational literature to the high school students.
  3. To visit and share the message of abstinence.
  4. To organize a WOA Club for the high school students, a follow-up educational program on HIV/AIDS


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